January 4, 2023


8 tips to study for your drivers license test

Driving isn’t that hard… once you get the hang of it. 


Mastering driving might seem challenging at first, but don't worry – we've got your back! Once those initial nerves fade, the road becomes an exciting adventure. The practical side of driving is definitely easier than the theory. Failing a test doesn't mean it's the end – there are always more chances and better ways to prepare. Check out these helpful tips:

  1. Take your drivers Handbook and Highlight it! Some people don’t believe in the power of highlighting and that’s most likely because they don’t know how to do it correctly. In order for it to work you need to read first, then find out the main idea and just highlight keywords that will link you to that main idea. An easy way to find a keyword is to see if that word is repeated throughout a section. Finally, when you’re studying, if you only read the highlighted words, it should make sense. 

  1. Practice with Sample Tests. When you were in high school or college you probably did a mock exam before a big and important test. These types of quizzes help you see what you need to work on and measure how prepared you are or not. There are many sites that offer driver’s license prep quizzes but here’s a link to a “Free Illinois DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) Practical Test”.  In this page you can find 16 different mock quizzes that will help you feel ready. You can also choose to do the tests in English or Spanish

  1. Watch/listen to a driver’s test question and answer video. Not everybody learns the same way. For some of us it’s easier to remember something that we’ve heard than something that we’ve read. That’s why it’s an excellent choice to look for Q & A videos.

Here’s a link to one of those Q&A videos in Spanish, we chose to share it because it has good reviews and comments. 


Here's a link to one of the Q&A videos in English. 


  1. Don’t rush! If you're not feeling prepared, it's wise to hold off on taking the test. Many people fail due to nerves. They step into the car and blank out or forget crucial information they have already learned. They struggle to explain their actions. 

Remember that with extensive practice and solid confidence in your abilities, nerves will fade. Take your time, it's preferable to invest more time in practice and be self-assured behind the wheel than to face a nerve-wracking breakdown during the test.

  1. When making a movement always turn your head, don’t just use the mirrors/camera. When executing a maneuver, always physically turn your head; don't solely rely on mirrors or cameras. This is a frequent error in these tests. While mirrors and cameras assist, they're not enough. You must ensure that the action can be safely performed. Neglecting this step might lead to deductions from the examiner, as it poses a risk to others like drivers and pedestrians. Remember, always turn your head to assess your next move!

  1. Lights out? What happens if your lights don’t work? Use Your Hands: If your lights fail, use hand signals to indicate your intentions. It's a tricky situation but crucial for safety.

  1. Remember to park near the curb. Keep in mind to park close to the curb. Although mastering the correct distance might require some practice, parking accurately holds significant importance. This is mainly because improper parking could lead to avoidable tickets. Additionally, parking regulations are designed to facilitate the passage of other vehicles without causing damage to yours or others' property. Remember, position your wheels towards the curb, not the center of the street!

  1. Mind your Speed. Some people automatically fail because they’re either going too slow or too fast. If you keep your velocity range within 5 miles of the speed limit you’ll be alright. 

And there you have it, driving champs! We've laid out some nifty tips to help you conquer that nerve-wracking driving test. Remember, whether it's highlighting your way to knowledge, acing those practice tests, or turning heads (literally!) while making moves, these hacks are your trusty companions on the road to success. As you gear up for your big moment, keep in mind that confidence is your co-pilot, and practice is your fuel.

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