March 15, 2023

Noble Immigrants

As human beings we are a part of nature, we go through great lengths in search for opportunities and a better future for our families. Observing the way hispanics settle in the United States.

Ingenious, charismatic and hardworking people who bring with them a variety of traditions, cultural values, exquisite foods and joyous rhythms.

We can observe that there is some resemblance with the migration of the monarch butterfly, one of the most impressive migrations of the animal kingdom this little butterfly with just 9-11 cm or 4 inches in wingspan with an approximate weight of more or less a paper clip can fly 4,345 km (2,700 miles) making a wight-distance relation this would equate to a robin bird flying to the moon and almost all the way back.(1)

The migratory pattern of the monarch butterfly is the most evolved of all the species of its kind; they fly 2,500 miles (more than 4,000 kilometers) from the United States and Canada to the forests in Mexico where they hibernate and reproduce.(2)

There have been reports of them reaching all the way to Argentina.

The timing in which they arrive is amazingly precise the 1st of November, just in time for the day of the death celebrations in which the cemeteries are adorned with the cempasuchil flower (which is the same orange color as the monarch butterfly) in this festivity the souls of the deceased return to visit their families and loved ones who receive them with flowers, songs, dances, prayers and altars with the foods and beverages that they enjoyed the most when they were alive so they can feast.

It is said that the butterflies are the same souls of the deceased that return to be received with so much joy during Dia de los Muertos festivities.

It's no coincidence that in the Mexican forest where they hibernate they are guided back to the same spot where they were by the corpses of the adult butterflies that did not make the journey back north, it is as if their ancestors are calling them back.

It is said that on this journey 1 out of 10 butterflies survive and it takes 3 generations to make the journey from Canada to Mexico and back.

This butterfly, which is called monarch in relation to the orange color that the King William of England wore, deserves to be recognized for its nobility beyond its color. Its spiritual nobility en relation to the souls of its own species and the ones associated to the human ones through the Dia de los Muertos festivities in Mexico, besides that this species all throughout its trajectory goes generating life through collecting the nectar that is their food it pollinates plants helping them reproduce which also brings abundance in fruits. Also taking care of its own species so they can continue thriving in the next generations. In this way there are also people that make migrations from Mexico and Latin America up north, hard working good people that take care of their family. 

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