April 27, 2023

Why is it important to stay insured?

Having your car consistently insured provides many benefits:

Car insurance provides peace of mind and financial protection against tragic occurrences such as accidents, theft and other covered events depending on your policy. When you have continuous coverage you know you are protected. Having an accident while uninsured can be a financial catastrophe.

Having car insurance is required by most states by law, in order to be legally compliant the best is to stay insured. Failing to do so can result in license suspension, fines and even legal action. Having a car accident while uninsured can be a legal catastrophe. 

Drivers who have continuous coverage with no lapses get lower premiums, this is because insurance companies view them as a lower risk and less likely to file claims.

Your insurance company has a record of your driving history and claims and when you are consistent with your coverage the information they need is at hand so this can speed up the process and you can get what is yours faster.

At OCHO, having your family safe and helping you stay insured is important to us. On top of preventing your rates to increase, staying insured and making your payments on-time will help you build your credit score. This will bring better life opportunities for you and your loved ones. Our mission is to help you get a fair start and realize your dreams.