What is OCHO plus?

OCHO Plus is our most basic insurance package, it is not the same as the state minimum coverage, or liability only. 

We give you more coverage as our minimum, because state minimum liability insurance is not enough coverage to protect you. 

If you have state-minimum car insurance and hit an uninsured driver, you may be liable for all the expenses not covered in your policy. This means you may be expected to pay out of your own pocket to cover the damage done to your vehicle and yourself. 

This is a potential financial disaster that we want to help you avoid. OCHO recommends that you buy as much liability protection as your budget will comfortably allow. 

State minimum insurance is really there to protect everyone else, not you and your family. 

OCHO Plus combines liability with uninsured motorist and medical pay coverage to help provide more adequate coverage. 

This means you are covered for :