Which one should I choose - OCHO Plus or OCHO Plus with Comp & Collision?

The choice between OCHO Plus and OCHO Plus + C&C depends on a few factors: 

You can choose OCHO Plus insurance if you own an older or less valuable vehicle that can be easily replaced if it’s stolen or totaled. Or if you really can’t afford the extra Comp & Collision. 

If you have a car on lease or finance, you will be required to have the extra Comprehensive & Collision. 

OCHO Plus + C&C will be better if your car is newer, more valuable, or if replacing it would pose a financial challenge. Often newer cars are more expensive to repair. It offers more peace of mind with its more thorough coverage. 

We really recommend protecting you and your family with as much insurance as you can afford. If you just go for State Minimum Insure (which we don’t offer), and get into an accident with an uninsured driver, you may not be able to afford to replace your car, and it can be tough to get money from an uninsured driver. Many of our customers don’t have health insurance, so having MedPay is essential because it helps pay some emergency room costs.

In the end, pick the insurance that matches what you need and how much risk you're comfortable with.