Why is my final rate higher than my first quote?

This is important, as it’s a misleading and frustrating part of buying insurance. You get three quotes per company when buying insurance. One with the information you enter yourself, one with information the insurer will pull, and finally the price the carrier provides when you bind. 

Your first quote with most insurance companies and marketplaces will not be accurate. It may even seem cheap.

The problem is, your first quote will never be accurate until insurance companies can verify your complete information. This includes details like your entire driving history, any extra cars or drivers you wish to add, your previous insurance coverage (including any gaps), and your credit score. 

Completing the process to the final quote is essential to make sure it is accurate.

You may look on several marketplaces at once, and choose an option that looks the cheapest, only to find that by the time you get to the final quote, it’s now much more expensive. 

According to our own data, the first quote actually decreased at the final quote stage. This is a pretty low percentage. We have worked to make our system as accurate as possible, so you don’t get a nasty surprise by the time you’ve entered all your data and are ready to pay. 

If you use an insurance marketplace that isn’t OCHO, you will likely never pick the lowest priced option. This is because all rates go up, and you don’t know if the carrier that looked good on the first set of quotes is still the lowest priced carrier based on their final price. 

Besides our more accurate system, we have a re-run feature. We automatically check for a cheaper final quote for you too. If one is available, we will offer it to you. We are one of the very few companies that offers this apples-to-apples comparison. It’s because we genuinely want to find you the best deal.