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A Fair Start®

Did you know that the cost of your car insurance down payment can be as much as 50% of your total policy? That means that you pay 3 months upfront, and on top you have a broker fee that sometimes can be as high as $200. This is why, at OCHO®, you can apply to lower your down payment. On average, we lower your down by $200! And you may even qualify for $0 down! Plus with every on-time payment you make, you can build your credit score! Why not give it a try? Apply now.

3 benefits of getting your auto insurance with ocho®

You say goodbye to down payments**

With OCHO® you can apply for $0 down. See if you qualify!**

YOU Stay insured to lower your rates

If you make your payments on time, you may see your rates decrease and save money. That’s why with OCHO®, we help you to make them on time by aligning your pay check schedule to your insurance payments.

You build your credit score*

Your credit score can have a big impact on how much you pay for your insurance (and many other things). Build your credit with every payment you make on time with OCHO®.


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Credit scores are so important to our financial lives in America, yet so hard for many to fix, repair or build from scratch. We don’t think this is fair. The reality is that not everyone has the same opportunity to build a strong financial future. At OCHO®, we believe in giving everybody A FAIR START®. For the first time in the history of insurance, you can build your credit with every payment you make*. We call this “credit-building insurance”.

What a good credit score can help with?**

OCHO® can help you build your credit score with every payment*. A good credit score means:

  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Get approved for a car loan or a mortgage
  • Lower security deposit for rent
  • No more deposits for utilities
    (cell phone, energy, water)


Get your estimated quotes for free without giving your last name.
Enter information about your car and decide which drivers you want to insure.
Compare final prices and coverages, no more bad surprises!
Sign your policy online and get your Proof of Insurance. Whooo!
With every on-time payment you make, you build your credit score*.


OCHO® PAY is the smart way to pay for your insurance.

  • Pay smaller bi-weekly payments
  • Sync-up your payments with your paychecks
  • $0 down payment** and $0 upfront fees
  • Get easy to understand and transparent quotes
  • Compare your insurance options on final prices

Smarter payments + better budgeting = more savings!

Choose your payment date
Manage your budget to avoid gaps in your insurance and your rates to go up.


What is OCHO Plus?

OCHO Plus is what your real minimum coverage should be because liability only isn’t enough. If you get hit by an uninsured driver, who covers you? It’s a financial disaster. Or if you get hurt in an accident and don’t have health care, who pays your bills? OCHO Plus adds Uninsured Motorist and MedPay coverage to your policy. Yes, it costs more, but without it, you’re facing financial disaster. Why risk it? Get OCHO Plus now and we’ll help you afford it!

What is OCHO?

OCHO is a car insurance agency with a difference. We're like a bridge between you and insurance companies. 

This is how we simplify your insurance experience:

We search for the best deals from our partner insurance companies and show you as many policy options as possible. After you choose your coverage, we finance the initial payment insurance companies need to start your policy. We provide a 0% APR loan for this upfront cost.

Why is that so good?

  • It means you get a lower down payment. Many insurance companies charge up to 50% of the total policy. With the cost of insurance policies rising generally, it’s a lot of money - it makes you think twice about buying insurance. With OCHO Pay, you can lower this upfront payment to make it manageable, and in many cases, you can even qualify for $0.
  • You pay us back in smaller amounts, aligned with your paycheck cycle, to help you budget effectively.
  • Even better - we are the first and only car insurance agency where you can build your credit score with every on-time payment you make. 

We do this because we know how hard it can be to come up with a big lump sum for a down payment. We want you to stay safe and have the ability to access the car insurance you need.

What is OCHO Pay?

At a glance: OCHO Pay is the name for our car insurance financing. 

➡️ As a marketplace, we offer our customers the best car insurance options from our selected insurance companies. 

➡️ ️Once you choose an option you like and sign the paperwork, we pay for your insurance with a 0% APR loan. 

Because it’s a 0% APR loan, we can offer you incredible benefits, only available at OCHO:

➡️ We lower the down payment for everyone. Insurance companies usually need a down payment of up to 50%.

➡️ You can pay us back in smaller payments that match your paycheck to help you budget. 

➡️ We report your payments to the credit bureau. This is how we give you the tools to build your credit score, provided you make your payments on time.

Is OCHO an insurance company?

No. OCHO is not an insurance company that sets your car insurance rate. These rates are beyond our control; the prices you see are from the insurance companies we work with.

Instead, OCHO is an insurance agency or “broker” committed to finding you the lowest price and best option. 

Here's the most exciting part: OCHO is the only agency that offers to reduce your down payment, and we lower it for 100% of our customers. You won't be able to find a lower auto insurance down payment anywhere else.

Why didn’t I get a $0 down payment?

Some of our customers were successfully approved for and received a zero-dollar down payment

There are many factors that go into making a $0 down decision, so it will differ for each applicant. What makes OCHO special is that no one loses! The remaining customers made an average upfront payment below $100. This amount is less than half of what they would have had to pay without using OCHO's services (OCHO Pay). Sometimes insurance companies even ask for 50% of the total premium. 

OCHO's mission is to make insurance more accessible for everyone, and this includes you.

Rebecca P.
Five Stars

I love that it started my policy and is allowing me to pay when I get paid. I'm very thankful.

Gloria K.
Five Stars

Totally legit and you don’t have to put any money down and they give your proof of insurance the same day. You are insured in a matter of just minutes. I have them and I love it. And a bonus is they actually answer the phone and customer service reps speak English clearly and are very polite and helpful. Also you pay when you get paid so need to worry about your insurance being due in-between pay periods.

Sydney M.
Five Stars

OCHO literally saved us so much money!! All the other insurance companies wanted $600 up front ocho only wanted $140 upfront. They offer split payments which makes it extremely easy to manage bills and not get behind on all the other bills while still having car insurance! I will be staying with OCHO and I stand by OCHO 100%!!!

Five Stars

Love the fact that if I'm going to be late I can set up a payment arrangement and still keep my insurance from being cancelled. I have had a very pleasant experience with ocho. Also like that I can pay for insurance every two weeks instead of monthly or every 6 months or yearly.

Sylvester R.
Five Stars

Easy to get insured with OCHO! And you are also building your credit. They found me a great policy that was affordable no down payment. If your struggling with finding car insurance give OCHO a shot they are worth it.

Mandy M.
Five Stars

The ease of use for the website and application process is awesome. As a former insurance salesperson, I have to say this is definitely the future of insurance and it is amazing to finally have an option that helps build credit. I'll definitely recommend!

Edna E.
Five Stars

Great and reliable company, the agents are always very friendly, and the payments are very accessible.

Martin W.
Five Stars

Awesome price for a awesome experience definitely recommend for everyone

Amy P.
Five Stars

Found this insurance company that fits in with pay days and is a excellent price from the other company I had which had went up 30 dollars definitely check this company

Yesania Q.
Five Stars

I love it! It's was I looking for, low and convenient prices.

Five Stars

Hands down fastest way to get insurance! I despise talking to insurance agents on phone spending hours to just find out that your “quote” and price at the end are two different ball parks away from each other. This app is straightforward to the point I had insurance in less than 15 minutes… highly recommended

Jillian H.
Five Stars

It’s very helpful on the budget. I highly recommend this

Amanda E.
Five Stars

Amazing company! Love everything you guys are doing to help people

Cynthia O.
Five Stars

I just got my insurance. I am very very happy, you guys are so awesome thank you.

Zach R.
Five Stars

Great app, easy to use and does what it's supposed to.

Compa Fierro
Five Stars

I've been looking for auto insurance for a while and always founding really high rates. I saw this Ad on Facebook and found OCHO. I recommend them 1,000%. It was fast and easy.

Patricia Salinas
Five Stars

Been a customer for 2 years and I love it.

Kelly D.
Five Stars

I can't believe this is real! Hoping for a great experience. Thanks for your help getting me out of a huge bind.

Jazmin L.
Five Stars

I want to personally thank Jose for getting my application pushed through after having difficulty getting it completed in a timely manner.

Donavan J.
Five Stars

Fast response timing and verbal verification the same day.

Shane S.
Five Stars

Awesome easy to sign up and it also raises your credit. Do it!

Amanda F.
Five Stars

So easy thank you

Isaiah T.
Five Stars

Very awesome! Thank you very much. Proud to be with y'all.

Rachel A.
Five Stars

This was amazing thank you.


Did you have car insurance before, then miss a payment and it was canceled? And then you were uninsured for a while before you got insured again? This on and off behavior is called spotty prior insurance and DOES NOT help you get better car insurance rates. It's very important that you STAY INSURED and not lose insurance coverage for missing a payment. Having consistent prior insurance is an important variable in reducing your auto insurance rates. OCHO® helps you with this by allowing you to make smaller payments every two weeks matched to your paycheck cycle. The idea is to stay insured and never miss a payment. And if you absolutely have to miss one because you lose your job or have a family emergency, then make sure to reinstate your insurance, which means your policy is put back into effect. Please look carefully at your coverage details for information on your policy and reinstatement, because these details vary depending on the policy and the insurance carrier. Many carriers give you about 30 days after your policy is canceled to reinstate your policy. Usually, you have to catch up on all your payments to do so. It’s worth it because reinstating is generally like you were never canceled, and means that you stay insured. But it can come with a cost. Many carriers charge a fee to make a reinstatement and many brokers do as well. The best thing is to avoid a possible fee and to just keep paying so that you can stay insured.

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