We believe in the American Dream, but we also believe it needs to change. The American Dream shouldn’t be a race with winners and losers that depends on where your starting block is.

We founded OCHO to help communities of color and Hispanics achieve financial security and independence by making auto, home and life insurance more affordable and accessible.

OCHO empowers communities to build wealth from the ground up. We flip the system on its head and help you find, get and keep the insurance you need. We believe you deserve the credit for your hard work, so we’ll help you build it with your payments. We believe the system should work for you, so our payment cycles are based on your payment cycles.

We believe knowledge is power, so we’ll guide you every step of the way with the tools and access you deserve.We believe everyone should have the opportunity to build wealth. We believe it’s not just a dream.

about us

OCHO was founded in Jan 2021 by three passionate Latino, Brown and Female entrepreneurs (Jaime Gutierrez, Akshay Buradkar & Lulu Luchaire) who have more than 50 years of combined experience in FinTech, Marketing, Technology and more specifically, in serving the underbanked / underserved Hispanic customer who is on the margin of the American society and to whom the American Dream often feels unachievable and unrealistic.

Jaime Gutierrez
Co-Founder and CEO
Lulu Luchaire
Co-Founder and CMO
Akshay Buradkar
Co-Founder and CTO


"I am stuck thinking about Biden and Reagan and how Reagan advocated trickle down economics and Biden just said that this system is over and had never really worked when it comes to wealth building in America for all. I’d like to coin some term about aggressive wealth building from the bottoms up and that’s what our focus needs to be to cure America of her rampant unequal and broken system. All things like credit scores are remnants of this old system that must end and be transformed so they promote and enable wealth building from the bottoms up."

Co-Founder and CEO

Our team

Meet the rest of the team!

Jennifer McTiernan
Strategic Advisor
Gilmer Contreras
Partner Channel Manager
Kevin Kang
VP Data Science
César Guadarrama
Lead Frontend Engineer
Sadot Cortes
Sr Frontend Engineer
Fred Hippo
VP Insurance
Gabe Chan-Zhang
Product Manager
Brenno Cantelli
Director of Design
María Arévalo
Graphic Designer
Andres Gutierrez
Marcela Torres
OM and People Operations
Carolina Díaz
Content Editorial