May 25, 2023


What does Comp and Collision mean?

Comp and Collision is the abbreviation of the Comprehensive and Collision Coverages that can be part of your auto insurance policy. Let’s talk about them in the simplest way: 

Comprehensive Coverage will help you fix your car if something happens to it that isn't the result of an accident. This could be a broken windshield caused by a pebble or a dented roof caused by a fallen tree branch. It will also help you in case of vandalism, fire, wind, hail, glass breakage, collision with animals, or if your vehicle gets stolen.

Collision Coverage will kick in to help you in case you are guilty in an accident and you damage someone else’s property.  This can be another vehicle or another object like a fence, telephone pole, garage door, even a house.

These coverages are deductibles, which means they have a specific amount of money to help you in case you need to use them, each policy can have a different number. If the price of the repairs are higher than that number you might have to use your out of pocket money. 

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