Credit Score

Credit Score

Check And Learn About Your Credit Score with OCHO

How will OCHO impact my credit score?

OCHO is here to help you out. Our goal is to help you raise your credit score so you can access more financial services like loans or mortgages.

You must stick to timely payments with us to positively impact your credit score. But remember to keep an eye on your other commitments, for example, a mortgage payment, to stay on track. 

Your credit score takes into account your overall performance across various credit accounts. So, while we can't promise an automatic credit score boost as everyone's situation is unique, paying on time to OCHO over twelve months and looking after your other payments is critical to building a healthier credit score. 

Keep up the great work on those payments, and stay mindful of your financial life! For lots more information on this, check out our blog on the subject.

Where can I check my credit score?

When you apply to OCHO, we will give you your credit score! Otherwise, you can check these websites for free: Experian, Transunion, Free Credit Score, Credit Karma