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Where can I report a technical issue I’m experiencing?

You can reach out to us on our webpage, by dialing 1-800-220-1416, or by emailing us at

Why am I not receiving OCHO SMS on my Android phone? Our troubleshooting guide.

At OCHO, we contact you over SMS to send you essential information. For your ease and convenience, we'll soon be able to send your credit score via SMS, too!

To guarantee these crucial messages reach you, here's a simple guide for reliable SMS delivery for Android phones.

1. If you haven't received an SMS from us, please first check if the phone number you gave us is correct. 

2. Android sometimes sends messages to the Spam folder. To prevent this from happening, you can check to make sure we aren't automatically blocked on your phone, so you can always receive our messages. Just follow the steps below.

Important: Some steps only work on Android 7.0 and up. Learn how to check your Android version