Car Insurance Coverage

Car Insurance Coverage

Everything you need to know about coverage and advice on how to choose what’s best for you.

What is OCHO Plus?

OCHO Plus is what your real minimum coverage should be because liability only isn’t enough. If you get hit by an uninsured driver, who covers you? It’s a financial disaster. Or if you get hurt in an accident and don’t have health care, who pays your bills? OCHO Plus adds Uninsured Motorist and MedPay coverage to your policy. Yes, it costs more, but without it, you’re facing financial disaster. Why risk it? Get OCHO Plus now and we’ll help you afford it!

What are the different types of insurance coverage?

What is OCHO Plus?

OCHO Plus is our most basic insurance package, it is not the same as the state minimum coverage, or liability only. 

We give you more coverage as our minimum, because state minimum liability insurance is not enough coverage to protect you. 

If you have state-minimum car insurance and hit an uninsured driver, you may be liable for all the expenses not covered in your policy. This means you may be expected to pay out of your own pocket to cover the damage done to your vehicle and yourself. 

This is a potential financial disaster that we want to help you avoid. OCHO recommends that you buy as much liability protection as your budget will comfortably allow. 

State minimum insurance is really there to protect everyone else, not you and your family. 

OCHO Plus combines liability with uninsured motorist and medical pay coverage to help provide more adequate coverage. 

This means you are covered for : 

  • When you are at fault: medical and car damage expenses for the person you hit.
  • When the other person is at fault and uninsured: medical and car damage for yourself.
  • If you don’t have any health insurance the MedPay part of the package can help pay for medical expenses for you or your passengers, even if you’re at fault.

What is the difference between OCHO Plus and OCHO Plus with Comp and Collision (C&C)?

OCHO Plus + C&C: Includes three coverages – liability only, uninsured motorist, and comprehensive and collision.

Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your car caused by things other than accidents, like theft, vandalism, or natural disasters. 

Collision insurance covers you in situations where you’re driving and your car is damaged by another vehicle or object, regardless of who's at fault. 

Together, they provide broader protection for your vehicle, with comprehensive handling non-accident-related damage and collision handling accident-related damage. These insurance types can help you fix or replace your car in various situations, giving you more peace of mind on the road.

Which one should I choose - OCHO Plus or OCHO Plus with Comp & Collision?

The choice between OCHO Plus and OCHO Plus + C&C depends on a few factors: 

  • Your financial circumstances
  • The car's value  
  • If your car is leased or financed

You can choose OCHO Plus insurance if you own an older or less valuable vehicle that can be easily replaced if it’s stolen or totaled. Or if you really can’t afford the extra Comp & Collision. 

If you have a car on lease or finance, you will be required to have the extra Comprehensive & Collision. 

OCHO Plus + C&C will be better if your car is newer, more valuable, or if replacing it would pose a financial challenge. Often newer cars are more expensive to repair. It offers more peace of mind with its more thorough coverage. 

We really recommend protecting you and your family with as much insurance as you can afford. If you just go for State Minimum Insure (which we don’t offer), and get into an accident with an uninsured driver, you may not be able to afford to replace your car, and it can be tough to get money from an uninsured driver. Many of our customers don’t have health insurance, so having MedPay is essential because it helps pay some emergency room costs.

In the end, pick the insurance that matches what you need and how much risk you're comfortable with.

Does my insurance policy cover rental cars?

Your car insurance usually covers rental cars with the same coverage as your current policy. Coverage is only extended for personal use of the rental vehicle. 

Before renting a vehicle, please review your policy to ensure it is active and check your current coverages. Some rental car companies provide extra coverage. This coverage can lower the amount you owe if there is an accident with the rental car. We recommend that you buy the extra coverage from the rental car provider.

Why should I reinstate my policy?

What is a reinstatement?

A reinstatement lets you keep coverage that has lapsed without having to reapply. It is often easier and cheaper than finding a new policy.

Why should I reinstate my policy?

Driving without active coverage could cost you hundreds of dollars in fines or even more if you get into an accident. If you reinstate quickly, you may avoid having a coverage gap on your record.

Is it bad to have a coverage gap?

Insurance companies like it when you're consistently insured. If they see gaps, they will likely raise your insurance rates.

Is there a fee to reinstate?

Some insurance companies may charge a small fee (typically less than $25).